Shalom Torah Centers

Leon is the Chairman of the Board of Shalom Torah Centers and plays an active role in the organization, which provides exceptional education to students who may have otherwise been unable to obtain a Jewish education.

Leon deeply cares for torah learning and its accessibility. He is inspired by results and the growing need for the schools. He regularly assists in fundraising and teams up with other board members to advise in the creation of charitable events for Shalom Torah Centers. These events include such things as parlor meetings,  alumni support initiatives, community gatherings and more. Events are held in a variety of locations. Leon and his wife, Agi, have even generously hosted large fundraisers in their home.

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The Goldenberg Inspiration

As children of Holocaust survivors, Mr. and Mrs. Goldenberg have made it a personal priority to ensure the foundation of a strong Jewish education for every Jewish child. With its history of success, Shalom Torah Centers provide both a caring environment and excellent academic structure  for every Jewish child to thrive and learn about his or her heritage and to prepare them for success in future endeavors.

agi leon goldenberg
Leon and Agi Goldenberg understand the importance of the accessibility of torah learning.


Leon Goldenberg is a  Board Member and strong supporter of Shalom Torah Centers in East Windsor, NJ
Leon Goldenberg is an active Board Member and strong supporter of Shalom Torah Centers