2017 – the Year of the Advocate

The year of 2017 began with a bang. The political process has created a new generation of politics and political participation. Social media now allows us all to easily see how our country’s overall opinion resides on a vastly varying observational spectrum.

Many have learned that they are left feeling as though they are drowning in a sea of social connection. The never-ending news feeds packed with [unsolicited] opinions online have given way to more people deciding to stay away from their social media platforms for brief take periods of time.

The uncharted waters of “connection” can be a place to get lost in whirlpools. However, it can also be an opportunity to not just steer a new course but also discover a vibrant land of abundance in uncharted territory.

For 2017, I ask that your attention and action be once again directed to your local community. Find people that you can help immediately. Then go and make a difference in their lives today. Many great efforts only need a simple idea and an action to create vital results.

You can combat the overload of information by getting involved in positive platforms – on and offline. You can request “community minded” friends on Facebook and other social networking platforms. For those of you in New York City, a great way to start to become involved in your community is to follow your local politicians and community leaders online. This includes District Leaders and Council members, Assembly members, Congress members and more. You can also follow groups and organizations in the community.

Learn about what is going on in your area and see where your unique talents and skills can be of service. Are they looking for someone like you to help? Or, do you have an idea as to where you fit in with their organization? Present it. You can positively impact your community. Take the first step, today and carry it out throughout 2017.